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Outdoor Activities With Your Dog

Outdoor Activities With Your Dog

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We are still very much enjoying the summer at the moment although we only have around a month left until we start heading towards the cooler autumn periods. The UK school holidays are also starting to near a conclusion and you may well have found yourself looking for ideas on what you can do with your children and dog over the break. We have put together a last minute post on 15 things you can do with your dog outdoors which should hopefully inspire you to fill those last remaining days of warmth.
      1. Go for long walks
      2. Go on a road trip in the car to somewhere new
      3. Go to the beach (where dogs are permitted)
    brushing dogs teeth
    1. Visit a lake where you can all swim
    2. Plan a doggy play date with friends
    3. Play fetch in the garden or on an open field near your home
    4. Take a walk in the park or local National Trust
    5. Play in a paddling pool
dog running in the beach
    1. Play in the garden sprinkler together
    2. Take a trip to a dog-friendly garden center
    3. Visit a dog-friendly restaurant which are becoming more popular
smiling dog
  1. Cook a meal on the barbeque in the back garden or park
  2. Go camping
  3. Make an outdoor obstacle course
These are just some of the few ideas we could think of which will help to get you and your family outdoors.

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