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Non-insulated Dog Cabins

Here at Dog Kennels Direct, we know that all dogs are different, and they all have different requirements to keep them healthy and happy. Our dog cabins are ideal to be used in combination with other products such as our dog runs or complete kennels, giving you multiple options to create the best space. If you are designing your own dog kennel using our panels, then a dog cabin is also a great addition. A dog cabin gives your dogs a cosy and secure sleeping area. Many dogs like to have a designated area for sleeping, and like the security that a dog cabin gives them. Our non-insulated dog cabins can be available in a choice of protective colours applied by our team,or without for you to apply your own bespoke colour.

Dog cabins can also be used in outbuildings, sheds, or utility rooms, as well as in pens or runs. They are easy to move, so can be versatile and used in different places depending on your requirements. They are a great investment in creating safe and secure areas for your dogs. Whether you want to give your dog a comfortable sleeping area inside their kennel whilst you are at work, or to create a safe area in an existing outbuilding to keep your dogs in while you have visitors, then our dog cabins are ideal. They come in a range of sizes, so that no matter the size of your dog, they can enjoy their dog cabin.

Frequently Asked Insulated Dog Cabins Questions

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