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Benefits Of Dog Training

Benefits Of Dog Training

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Have you ever been walking your dog or came into contact with another dog and thought ‘that is a very badly behaved dog’?. Walked into a friends house and the dog jumps all over you and won’t get down when instructed to? We have all encountered this at some point before. Now let's be honest, all dogs get excited from time to time however obeying commands is a very commendable trait in a dog which ultimately leads back to how the dog has been trained, by either the owner or a professional. We take a look at some of the advantages of training your dog and why you should consider it.

Physical Exercise / Mental Stimulation

Dogs in the wild are hunters who spend most of the time on the move, looking for food. The remainder of their time is then spent resting. So imagine how your dog must feel to be born into a family where food is put on the plate for them and they essentially have nothing to do. Dog training is a fantastic way to mentally stimulate your dog and to give them a form of physical exercise. Although you may not think it, dogs like to have boundaries and enjoy being trained

Your Relationship With Your Dog Will Thrive

Just as with human to human relationships, if one of your is not toeing the line and causing headaches for the other it doesn’t lead to a mutually happy relationship. A well mannered dog will not only allow you to take your dog places that you couldn’t take an ill behaved dog but it will also mean that others will enjoy the company of your dog.

Bond With Your Dog

As soon as you bring your dog home, your relationship with them begins. If you have adopted a dog this may take some time however if you have a young puppy you can be sure that this process will not take very long. As we said above, dogs like to be trained and in doing so builds a natural bond between the owner and the dog. Just as it does with us humans, if you spend quality time with someone and enjoy the things you do together, your relationship builds and you grow closer together. Dogs are no different.

Your Dogs Safety

We have all seen a stray dog running across the street or been in a park and seen a dog dart towards another, completely ignoring the owner. These situations can be dangerous to not only your dog but other members of the public. By making sure your dog listens to commands through training you are ensuring that these type of situations are kept to an absolute minimum and ultimately preventing your dog from putting itself or others in the line of danger.

Social Aspect

A well behaved dog is an joy to be around. They can play but also follow commands when they need to. We expect that all dogs should be very well behaved and should be sociable. The reality is that not all dogs are like this and this can be down to a few factors. The most common however is that the dog has not been properly trained and therefore does not know how to act around other humans and dogs. A well trained dog will accept interaction with other people and other dogs without causing too many problems.

Dog Shows / Sports

If you are serious about your dog and would like it to take part in any dog shows or sports it is absolutely key that the dog is well trained. Any sports or shows means that you dog is going to be around many other dogs in which case behaviour is key for both of your to enjoy it. If you have any questions regarding this post or would like to speak to a member of our specialist team contact us here.

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