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Best Security Dogs For Families UK: Guide for First-time Owners

Best Security Dogs For Families UK: Guide for First-time Owners

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Choosing the best guard dog for your family is an important decision. You will want a dog that combines the traits that make a good security dog, with the qualities needed to be part of the family. Owning a guard dog isn't just about choosing the right breed, but ensuring that you will provide your puppy with the necessary training to make him both a lovely member of your family and a trained security dog. The breeds that make the best guard dogs have inherent qualities that make them natural in this line of work, and it is important that these traits are channelled to make sure that they don't cause a problem.

Importance of Dogs in Providing Security

Dogs have been used for security for hundreds of years. Even today, with our advanced technology, a guard dog is still an incredibly effective deterrent to intruders. Many guard dogs do their job, simply by stopping people who would have otherwise tried to enter a property. Rightly or wrongly certain breeds of dogs, such as Rottweilers, have a reputation and will act as a visual deterrent, without ever needing to act. Dogs can be used to prevent intruders, guard people, and provide additional protection for families. Security dogs are used extensively by businesses and governments to provide security and protection services.

Characteristics of Ideal Guard Dogs

All dogs are classified into group types, including pastoral, gun dog, hound, utility, terrier, and working. Security dogs sit mainly in the working group. Each group contains dog breeds that have the characteristics of their group. Dogs used in security use their instincts to protect, they are loyal, strong, and fearless. Most guard dog breeds look the part. Think of the Doberman with his sleek, muscular physique, or the German Shepherd, favoured by the police and other professional institutions. A Toy Poodle, while it may be fierce and loyal, is unlikely to strike terror into the hearts of an intruder. Though, this said, even a small dog can act as an excellent deterrent to many potential intruders.

Best Security Dog Breeds for Families in the UK

If you are choosing a guard dog for your family, you need to choose a dog breed that will also be happy as a family dog. However, whichever dog breed you choose, you must train it correctly so that it can be both a happy family dog and a working security dog.

German Shepherd

Commonly used by the police and other security organisations, the German Shepherd is also affectionate and friendly, making them an ideal family dog. A very versatile dog capable of many roles, which make it a favourite amongst many organisations.  

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Though small in stature, Staffies, as they are commonly known, have big personalities. , but with correct training, they can make fantastic security dogs. They are loyal and devoted and love curling up on the sofa with their human family.


Rottweilers look the part. Strong, solid, with fierce-looking jaws, they act as an impressive visual deterrent. In reality, they are sweet, loving, and playful dogs who are very loyal and affectionate.

Belgian Malinois

Often used by the military, Belgian Malinois have high energy and high intelligence. Correctly trained, they make incredible security dogs, but will always need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to prevent them from becoming bored.

Giant Schnauzer

Though they don't look like a conventional security dog, a Giant Schnauzer will make a great security dog. Strong, loyal, and trainable. They can be loyal to the point of jealousy, so make sure that they are correctly trained.

Doberman Pinscher

A classic-looking security dog, as seen in many a film, Dobermans are loyal, affectionate, and trainable. They are excellent pets, as well as great security dogs.

Bull Mastiff

A big solid dog, Bull Mastiffs are excellent at recognising people, which makes them good security dogs. Affectionate and loyal, a Bull Mastiff would make an excellent dog addition to your family.

Great Dane

The giant Great Dane makes a good security dog. Many people are apprehensive of their size, though those that know the dog breed, will appreciate their softness and loyalty.


Traditionally a French herding dog, the Beauceron looks similar to the Doberman. Strong, brave, and loyal, these dogs make great family pets, as well as protective security dogs.

Selecting and Training a Guard Dog for Your Family

Take your time choosing the best breed of security dog for you. Consider the age of any children and your current lifestyle. Some dog breeds need a lot of exercise, so think about how this would fit into your lifestyle. Whichever breed of dog you choose, the most important thing that you can do is to train your dog properly. Find a qualified, experienced, and respected dog trainer. Guard dog training is a specific skill, you need to channel those protective instincts, so make sure you choose a dog trainer who is experienced at training guard dogs.

Responsibilities of Owning a Security Dog

All dog ownership carries a level of responsibility, but owning a security dog adds another dimension. Your dog will be trained to protect, and you need to ensure that this instinct is always channelled correctly. Poorly handled security dogs can develop behavioural issues. If you are experiencing any problems with your security dog, always consult an experienced professional.

Best Outdoor Dog Kennels for Security Dogs

Keeping your dogs safe and happy is part of your responsibility towards them. Having a secure and comfortable outdoor kennel will give your  dog a safe environment where they can sleep and relax. Outdoor kennels are an excellent choice for larger breeds, as it keeps them out of the house when necessary, and gives them a safe place where they can relax without being disturbed by a busy household.

Keep Your Dogs Happy, Whatever Their Breeds

Take a look at our range of outdoor dog kennels. If you aren't sure which dog kennel would be the best for your guard dogs, then speak to our knowledge and helpful team today on 01942 316 431 

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