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Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Christmas Gifts For Dogs

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Your dog is your best friend - someone you can always rely on to pick you up when you are feeling down, never judge you and always on hand for a cuddle. With that in mind, of course you will want to get them a little something as it is the season of giving. You may have in previous years forgot to buy something for them (we have all done it) so we have put together a post on the perfect gifts for dogs during Christmas. You need to ensure that you taking a few things into consideration when picking out the perfect Christmas present for your dog: Age – How old is your dog? What type of present would the dog appreciate? Size – Is your dog small or large? Again, this can dictate the type of present that may be applicable Breed – Is your dog’s breed known for being a chewer? Personal habits – Regardless of the breed, does your dog like to chew and how much does he like it?

Christmas Gifts For Dogs

As a dog owner you will know that a whole host of toys and accessories are available, more so now than ever. We have looked at the three main categories of potential gifts for your dog this Christmas - some being more fun than others.

Treats & Toys

Chew toys - a fairly obvious choice but what dog doesn’t love to chew? You can pick them up very cheap online however be sure to buy a quality chew that will last. Dog treats - As discussed in our previous post, dogs love treats just as much as we do. Why not surprise them with some dog chocolate or another of their favourites? Toy with a treat inside - These can bring your dog hours of fun, literally. Some breeds of dogs love tasks and challenges, however all dogs love to eat. Purchasing a toy which you can hide food inside will keep your dog entertained as well as providing mental stimulation. Ball to chase - this one needs very little in the way of convincing. Dogs to bowls are what waters are to rivers. Naturally as your dog gets older they have less energy to play so that is worth keeping in mind.

Practical Gifts

Collars - Although it won’t be much fun for your dog, a new collar can be a nice gift for your four legged loved one. Collars may become slightly irritating to your dog over time as they are worn down. If your dog is due a new collar, they could be perfect. Lead - If your dog requires a lead when walking then a lead may also be a good choice. You may currently only have a fixed length lead - if possible could update your lead to a retractable one giving your dog a little more room to roam when on walks. Bed - A comfortable bed is essential and as you know, dogs love to rest after a day of playing or adventure. Renewing your dogs bed can bring an extra level of comfort if the old one has became worn out. Food bowl - although a new food bowl again is not the most fun gift to give a dog, they will still appreciate a nice new bowl to drink out of. If you have a plain plastic bowl, maybe look at a polished bowl where the dog can see its reflection?

Dog Stockings

Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year with gifts being bought, lots of food and drinks to buy for guests etc. Luckily dog gifts do not have to be expensive and a stocking can be the perfect way of combining all of the above gifts. Dog stocking are available with your dogs name embroidered onto the stocking itself to make them extra special. If you would like to speak to one of our team please contact us here.

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