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Dog Kennel Run Ideas

Dog Kennel Run Ideas

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Investing in a well-designed and professionally manufactured dog kennel run is an excellent way to keep your dogs happy, safe and secure. We all love our dogs but only sometimes love having them in the house! Some dogs can be destructive when left alone, some can be reactive towards visitors, and others are simply happier in their space. Whatever your reasons, we look at some top tips to help you both come up with run ideas, and also how to create the ideal kennelling set-up for your dogs.

Why Should You Get a Dog Run?

Dogs need regular exercise and playtime to prevent them from becoming destructive and acquiring bad habits. With busy lives, finding the time to exercise your dogs as much as you like can be difficult. But nobody wants a fully grown Great Dane playing tag around the sitting room! A safe and secure area where your dogs can potter about and play will keep everyone happy. Some dogs can be reactive to specific people or other dogs, and being able to keep everyone separate can be extremely useful. Dog runs, and complete kennelling systems are designed to give you a safe and secure place to leave your dogs so that they are happy and you don't have to worry about them.

Features of a Good Kennel Run

Consider how you will use it when thinking about dog run ideas and what features you should look for in your kennel run. If it is simply to put your rescue dog in while your grandchildren visit once a week, then a simple run would suffice. If you want to keep your pack of Vizslas somewhere safe while at work, they would need a kennel within the run to keep them warm in the winter and out of the sun during the warmer months. Look for a well-built run with high-grade materials. Make sure it is tall enough to keep your dogs inside. Ensure that it is easy to clean and maintain. Check that it is big enough for your dogs not to cramp. 

Ideas For Your Dog Runs

Once you have decided what you will use your dog run for, you can start to determine what would suit your dog best.

Simple and Practical

Most things in life work best when they are simple. Make sure you choose a dog run with a secure, easy-to-open door. Look for one that is easy to clean out. This is especially important for a cheeky pet puppy!


Designs that provide the space to play within a safe enclosure will benefit your dog's mental health. A good-sized dog run will have enough space for your dog to have some toys and keep himself entertained.

Wide and Unrestricted 

Ensure enough space, especially if you have more than one dog using the dog run. Some dogs can become defensive if they feel trapped or confined.

Dog Run for Small Spaces

Even if you have limited space, many good solutions remain. For example, you could build your dog run using separate panels if you have a small or awkward space.

Enclosed Dog Run

A complete, enclosed dog run with an integrated kennel can be ideal for some pets. This will give your dog room to move about and a cosy sleeping area.

Portable Dog Run

You may want to be able to move your dog around to help save your grass! Dogs can quickly ruin a lawn, from weeping to digging, and being able to move your dog about may be really useful.

Built-In Dog Run

If you have an ideal area, you can go for a built-in dog run, giving you a permanent set-up for your dogs.

DIY Dog Run

Using single panels lets you make a dog run that suits your space. If your pack increases, you can also expand your dog's run.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Run Design For Your Dogs

Always think about how you want to use your indoor or outdoor dog to run, ensuring you make the best decision. So they require shade from the blazing Sun? Do their paws need protection from potentially harmful surfaces? Think about the size of your dog, whether you have more than one, and the breed. If you have a tiny Chihuahua that is bad with children, and you want somewhere safe to keep him when you have visitors, you may only need a small standalone dog run. If you have a pack of Weimaraners you want out of the house when you are at work, they will need an integrated kennel and run solution to keep them protected from the weather. Once you know exactly what you need, find the best place to put your kennel. This will help you determine your requirements and what will work in the available space.

Where to Buy Your Dog Run?

If you want to buy a dog run, look no further. Here at Dog Kennels Direct, we have an excellent range of dog kennelling solutions to keep your dogs safe, secure and happy. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our kennels' design and manufacture. We only use high-quality materials so that you can be confident that your investment will last many years. To see our range of products, simply click here or call our experienced and knowledgeable team on 01942 316 431 

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