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Equipment For Your Dog

Equipment For Your Dog

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We have put together a short guide on the equipment that will come in handy with your dog.


Dog bedding is very important to ensuring that your canine friend has somewhere safe and comfortable to relax. Thankfully, many suppliers of dog bedding now exist with hundreds of different types to choose from. A puppy will more than likely prefer a ‘vetbed’ - essentially a bed that is lined with sheep synthetic sheepskin. Your older dogs can still use these beds as they can also help to prevent sores etc on dogs that are less active and prefer to rest more often.

Leads and Anti Pulling Aids

There are lots of devices (mostly harnesses and head collars) that claim to help stop dogs from pulling on the lead. Be sure when selecting your lead or harness that your dog is comfortable wearing it as some can rub or pinch the skin of the dog. Online reviews are always good to look out for when it comes to leads and harnesses - see how other dog owners with similar breeds of dog have rated the product.

Travel Crates & Dog Guards

When travelling, your dog should be behind a guard and secured in with a seat harness. In an ideal world the dog would be in a dog crate. The main benefit of a dog crate or cage is that if will ensure the safety and comfort of the dog and also allows the dog to have it’s own space, even when confined to a vehicle. We would highly recommend using a crate when travelling with a puppy during long journeys. You should try to be mindful that your puppy or dog may be resistant to travelling in a crate at first, so try and get them used to this by doing some shorter trial trips first.


It’s pretty obvious but a good dog bowl can be very helpful to both you and your dog. For example if you have a tiled floor, a dog bowl with an anti slip bottom can ensure the dog can get a good drink without the bowl moving and your floor lives to fight another day.


Make sure that you choose a collar this is comfortable for your dog breed but also check regularly that the collar still fits properly. In particular with puppies - they should be checked as often as possible to ensure they are not outgrowing the collar and making them uncomfortable.

Dog Clothing

No we aren’t referring to a Gucci coat :-) Some short hair dogs who have recently had a trim can feel the cold, in which case they can benefit from wearing a fitted jumper or coat when walking or in cold areas. Also make sure it is fitted to your dog properly and will not irritate the dog.

Grooming Equipment

You can find out more information on grooming equipment for your dog on our recent blog post here.

Kennels & Runs

Dogs love to be socials and most of them prefer to live indoors - you wouldn’t like to be left outside all of the time either :-) If your dog does prefer to live outdoors or spend a lot of time outdoors then you should look at purchasing a specially designed dog kennel or run. When leaving your dog alone is a kennel or run make sure you provide them with toys and entertainment as well as access to fresh drinking water. You can see our range of complete dog kennels here and our galvanised dog runs.

Other Items

Along with the above, many other things will need to be factored in which include: Poo bag Toys Identity disc Leads Shampoo If you would like to speak to us regarding any of the above or would like any advice, contact a member of our team here.

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