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Guide to Outdoor Dog Pens

Guide to Outdoor Dog Pens

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An outdoor dog pen is a great way to give your dog a safe and secure space where they can be happy and comfortable for a reasonable length of time. If you are at work, busy within the house, or entertaining small children, a dog pen gives your dog a place with room to freely move around, where they are content. Dogs, like us, need to have safe spaces, places where they know they can sleep without being disturbed, and giving your dogs a dog pen, will give them this sense of security.

The Benefits of Providing a Secure and Comfortable Outdoor Space for Dogs

There are many benefits to giving your dogs a secure outside space. Some dogs, especially when they are young, can be very mischievous, and if left alone, or even unobserved, can be extremely destructive. A puppy or young dog can be left in their safe pen with appropriate toys, where they can happily play without leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Large, excitable dogs can be hard to manage in small houses, and having a spacious outdoor home allows them to bounce around as they wish. Dogs need to have their own safe space, and will often enjoy being in their dog pen, or kennel, as they feel secure and comfortable there. If you have visitors over to your home, it can be better if your dogs are safely out of the way, especially with young children. 

Introducing Dogs to the Outdoor Pen

This is your dog's safe place, it should never be used as a punishment. You want your dog to enjoy spending time in his kennel. Introduce your dog to his dog kennel slowly and in short periods. Make it inviting, with his bed, and favourite toys. Simply pop him in and leave him for a short period, before returning to him and letting him out. Try to only let him out when he is calm and quiet so that you are rewarding the good behaviour. Some dogs may whine when left alone for the first few times, but will usually settle. Return to your dog when he settled, not while he is whining, or else he may learn that when he whines you will return. Generally, dogs learn quickly that their kennel is a nice, safe place to be, and will be happy to spend time there.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Dog Pen

For your dog pen to work for you and your dog, you need to make sure you have the right type. They come in different sizes, and different materials, with or without roofs, and as complete outdoor dog kennel systems. The first thing to consider is how you will be using your kennels, and what you will need your kennels to include. If you just need an outside area to safely hold your dogs, then a simple pen without a roof will suffice. If your dogs are going to spend many hours in their kennels, while you are at work, then you will need a complete dog kennel system, with a separate sleeping area, and an outdoor area for them to move freely around. Dog kennels come in different materials. It is wise to invest in a well-built and sturdy kennel that will last for many years, such as our dog kennels, which are constructed out of galvanised steel and treated timber. Remember that if you are choosing your dog kennel when your dog is a puppy, it will grow! You need to choose kennels that will be suitable when your dog is an adult. A chihuahua needs a very different outdoor pen than a Great Dane.

Selecting the Ideal Location for the Pen

Choosing the best place to locate your pen, will make a big difference to how successful you find using them. Consider how you will use your outdoor pen, at what times of time will you be going to the pen, and how frequently. Think about how the weather affects different areas of your garden, and what effect this will have on your dogs. You need to place your pen somewhere easy to access, where your dogs will not be too hot or too cold.

Tips for Effective Containment and Escape Prevention

Always pay attention when you are opening and closing your outdoor dog pen. Our pens are all designed with easy-to-use, sturdy fastenings so that it is simple to open and close the doors. Be mindful of dogs that are very excited about the door, and could push through. Our dog pens are carefully designed and well-manufactured using high-grade materials to ensure that they last for many years. It is always sensible to regularly check your dog pens, to make sure that there is no damage or wear. 

Maintaining and Cleaning the Outdoor Dog Pen


Once you have invested in a dog pen for your dogs, it is sensible to look after it. Regular cleaning of the dog pen will help to extend its life, as well as keeping your dogs healthy and happy with a clean environment to live in. Our outdoor dog pens are constructed of good quality materials which can be easily cleaned. Where you have a complete dog kennel with wooden sections, you may need to treat the wood over time, to help to prolong its life. 

Ensuring Safety and Security

You want your dogs to be safe and happy in their dog pen. As well as regularly checking the dog pen itself to ensure that your dogs are safe, it is wise to check the surrounding area. Are there overhanging tree branches that could fall into your dog pen? Are there telltale signs of digging in grassy areas within your dog pen, that could point to a potential escape artist? Regular checks of your dog pen and the surrounding area will help to keep your dogs safe and secure.

Choose the Best Dog Pen for Your Dogs

Remember that all dogs are different, and so are you. You need to choose the best setup for your dogs so that you can keep them safe and happy. However, you choose to use your dog pen, as a safe space during your working hours, or as a place to pop them whilst you have visitors, we can provide you with the ideal kennelling system for you and your dogs. For more advice, simply call our friendly team here at Dog Kennels Direct on 01942 316 431 

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