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Dogs In Extreme Temperatures

Dogs In Extreme Temperatures

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Given that we are currently experiencing a heatwave in the UK, now would be a good time for a post regarding how you can ensure your dog is kept safe in extreme weather. The temperatures in the UK are exceeding 30 degrees at the moment. This is not only causing concern for the elderly in our society, but also animal friends. Weeks such as this one are few and far between, although becoming more common in the UK so having a plan of how to keep your dog safe is very important. Below are a few tips on how to protect your dog during the hottest days. Keep your dog indoors if possible Dogs can only sweat through footpads as well as cooling themselves down through panting. Keeping your dog in a cool area can avoid any heat stress to your dog which can ultimately be fatal. Water and shade If your dog does have to be outdoors, provide your dog plenty of water and shade. Some indoor areas can be hotter than outdoor shaded areas. Keeping your dog hydrated throughout the day is very important Avoiding running on walks When taking your dog for a walk in these temperatures you should try and keep your dogs pace to a walk, not a run. Running will naturally increase the dogs temperature. Keep in mind a dog will collapse before it stops running if given the chance. Hot pavement Your dogs paw pads are very sensitive, although they are tough. Ensure you avoid hot pavements when out walking your dog or in the garden. Surfaces such as tiles and marble can become extremely hot in the sun and will burn your dogs pads if exposed to those temperatures. Look out for others Always keep your eyes out for other dogs that may be struggling with the heat. Dog owners are not all created equal, in which case if you see a dog which may need assistance or looks like it is suffering due to the heat, offer help. Avoid cars Leaving your dog in the car in this heat is one of the worst things you can do. Temperatures in a car rise very quickly. Even a very short space of time in the car alone could be fatal to your dog. Don’t do it. An example of this is at 26 degrees, a car interior can reach 70 degrees in 26 minutes. This will be fatal to a dog. If you see a dog suffering in a car you must call the emergency services immediately. If you believe that the dog is in severe danger and you cannot find the owner, locate a witness and then remove the dog from the situation through whatever means necessary. This is usually by entering through a window. These are very basic steps which will ensure your dog stays safe.

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