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The Top Jobs For Dogs

The Top Jobs For Dogs

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Unbeknown to many, dogs have been more than just pets to humans for thousands of years. Reports actually suggest dogs have been closely linked to humans as far back as 16,000 years - in a working role. When talking about dogs, we often refer to them as a playful part of the family but never really discuss how dogs are adding to our society every single day, across the whole world. We have put together a brief blog post discussing the various jobs dogs are serving every day and helping us humans in everyday life.

Guide Dogs

Sight is something we take for granted every day however for many people across the world, sight is a sense which they are having to live without. Guide dogs are an extremely useful tool to the visually impaired and have been used in this capacity since the first World War. The dogs were used to help soldiers who had been visually impaired during service. Traditionally, Golden Retrievers, Labradors and German Shepherds are used as guide dogs due to the breeds heightened senses.

Therapy Dogs

Do you ever have a bad day at work, come home and think ‘I could just do with a cuddle from the dog to make me feel better’? Well it is well known that dogs are great at making us humans feel better when we are feeling low. Dogs are being used all over the world in care home, schools, hospices and disaster relief areas in order to essentially help us to feel better. Due to the nature of the job, only selected dogs are fit for the role though.

Sheep Dogs (Herding)

Keeping control over livestock is not easy, just as anyone who has tried it before. Imagine trying to round up hundreds of large animals at any one time - well that is not a problem for some dogs. We associate this activity with sheepdogs, however dogs also give a huge helping hand herding other animals such as cows and even pigs. Some of the most popular breeds which are being used as herding dogs are Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Old English Sheepdogs. Although these dogs are trained, the insinct is within there DNA, making them the perfect choices.

Drug & Bomb Detection

In this day and age, it is very rare for your to go to the airport and to not see a police canine. Some of trained to detect drugs while others are used in the detection of other illegal items such as guns, bombs etc. Although they are primarily used for drug and bomb detection, these dogs can be trained to find pretty much anything that has a scent. They start training at a very young age, meaning they can serve for many years.

Search & Rescue

Disasters happen every day across the world. Floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters can often be the most devastating to loss of life and often many people missing. Dogs have been used to help the detection of humans in such disasters for many years, due to the great senses that they have.

War Dogs

Dogs have been used by military across the world for as long as any records are kept. An astonishing fact is that war dogs actually have a bomb detection rate of 98% - this is far more than any other tool we posses or any man made detection device. The dogs help to keep 1000’s of troops safe across the world every day. Many war dogs actually return home with their partner after service in order to prevent PTSD.

Sleigh Dogs

Moving anything in some of the the harsh and coldest areas on the planet is difficult at the best of time. Who would have thought a well trained pack of dogs would be able to pull a sleigh containing humans and cargo in a disciplined manner. Siberian Huskies are the face of sleigh dog due to the pack mentality that they have. These are just some of the jobs that our favourite friends carry out across the world each day. Although they make amazing companions and pets, dogs are responsible for far more than meets the eye, to which they deserve tremendous credit.

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