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What is a Dog Run?

What is a Dog Run?

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Some dogs love to snooze, while others love to run! Knowing what makes your dog happy will help you choose the best housing set-up for your furry friend. If you are out of the house for longer periods, ensuring that your dog has somewhere safe, secure, and comfortable is extremely important. A dog run is an enclosed area where your dog can run around or play while keeping him safe and contained.  

What is a Dog Run For?

A dog run gives your dog a safe and contained area where he can stretch his legs, run around, or play. While some dogs are content to be left in your house while you are out, others are more suited to an outdoor kenneling arrangement, where they can enjoy being dogs while being safe and secure.

How Does a Dog Run Work?

A dog run is made with mesh or panels, which are high enough to prevent your dog from escaping. A dog run can be a standalone system or integrated with a dog kennel to provide a complete solution for your needs. Our dog run can be purchased as a complete unit, or you can buy the separate panels to build a dog run that suits you. This can be very useful if you have an odd-shaped garden or a specific area that you think would be ideal for your dog's run. Standalone panels can come with a secure bolted door so that you have an easy and safe way to get your dog in and out of his run.

Types of Dog Runs

Dog runs are either a standalone component, ideal for popping your dogs in to keep them out of the way and let them stretch their legs in a safe environment, or a complete kennel and run system. The full version is ideal for dogs left for longer periods. It gives your dog a comfortable space to sleep or relax where he is protected from the weather, with an attached run so that he has the freedom to move around as well.

Why Have a Dog Run?

Dog runs benefit dogs and their owners and can help ensure your dogs are safe and secure.

Benefits of a Dog Run For Dogs

Dogs like to have a safe place where they won't be bothered. If you have a busy home with many visitors or children, it can be overwhelming for your dog. Shutting them safely in their own space will prevent them from becoming defensive or upset. If your dog is left for more extended periods, then having a space where they can run around freely will be good for them.

Benefits of a Dog Run For Owners

People can be worried about leaving their dogs in the house for extended periods. Some dogs are prone to chewing or are hard to house-train. Having a safe outdoor space to keep your dogs will prevent problems from arising within the house. If you have visitors who don't like dogs or children who may not know how to read the warning signs given by your dogs, then keeping your dogs in their own safe environment will make it easier.

How to Choose a Dog Run?

All dogs are different, and they all have different requirements. You know your dogs best, so choose the best set-up. A single terrier will have very different needs to a pack of Newfoundlands. If you need your small terrier out of the house when you have visitors, then a standalone dog run may be sufficient. However, if you want to keep your Newfoundlands outside while at work, a complete kennelling system with multiple kennels and ample space to enjoy the fresh air will be more suitable, bear in mind that an excellent kennelling system can add to it over time. Many people start with one dog and end up with many, many more!

Where to Buy a Dog Run For Your Pet?

Here at Dog Kennels Direct, we understand dogs. We design and manufacture various dog pens and kennelling arrangements to suit different dogs. Our products are all manufactured to the highest standards, using premium materials, and are compatible and adaptable as your pack increases. Look at our range of standalone dog runs, both with and without roofs. To see our complete kennels with integrated runs, click here. If you want to discuss the best set-up for your dogs, then our knowledgeable and helpful team are always on hand; simply call us on 01942 316 431  

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