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Buying a Dog Kennel: Factors to Consider for Your Pet's Comfort

Buying a Dog Kennel: Factors to Consider for Your Pet's Comfort

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Choosing the best type of dog kennel for your canine requires some careful consideration. A kennel is a long-term investment in helping to keep your dog happy and healthy, and you want to make sure you make the best decision for your pets! The size of your dog, and how you will use your dog kennel are the main factors to take into account when making your decision. Here at Dog Kennels Direct, we have a great range of different dog kennels to suit your canine friends large and small.

Considerations Before Buying A Dog Kennel

How big is your dog? Bear in mind that if you are buying a dog kennel when your hound is a puppy he will grow. You will need to choose one to suit his fully grown size. Dogs need enough space in their kennel to move around freely, but you don't want a kennel that is too large. Dogs enjoy having a den, a safe place, where they feel secure. If your kennel is very large compared to the size of your canine, he won't gain the feeling of security that makes a kennel such a good place for your dog to spend time. The other main thing to decide is how much time your dog will spend in his kennel. Are you intending to leave your dog in his kennel while you are at work? Or do you just want a safe place to put your dog while you have visitors? If your dog is going to spend a lot of time in his kennel he will need more space, and possibly one of our complete kennelling systems with a built-in dog run.

Types Of Dog Kennels

Once you have a good idea of how you will use it, you can look at the different types of kennels available. We have a range to suit different requirements, whether you just want a kennel, a dog run, one of our insulated kennels or a kennel that can be sectioned off to provide different areas. Our unique kennels are designed to be compatible with all of our products so that you can extend your kennels should your pack grow in size. 

Materials Used For Dog Kennels

Our kennels are all built to a high standard with top-quality materials so that they will last for many years. We have options made of wood with galvanised steel, as well as mesh kennels. Our mesh kennels come both with and without a roof, so that you can choose the ideal setup for your dogs.

Features To Look For a Happy Dog

When you are buying a kennel for your dog look for a well-made and sturdy kennel. The door needs to be easy to open and close, with secure fastenings to keep your dog safe. Consider how you will clean your kennel, and make sure that the materials used are easy to keep clean. Our complete kennels come with a cosy sleeping area as well as an in-built run area making it a good choice for your dog. If you think you may buy more dogs in the future than our modular mesh kennels are easy to extend when the need arises.

Steps To Take When Buying

If you are buying a dog, you will have done your research before adding a new member to your family. You will know the expected size of your fully grown dog. You will have planned how you are going to use your kennel. You will also need to think about where you are going to situate your kennel. Measure out the size of the kennel you are thinking of buying and work out where it will fit best in your garden. How sunny or windy is the spot that you have chosen? Is it protected from the weather or exposed to the elements? These factors may have an impact on your choice. Once you have checked that your kennel will fit in your space, then you are ready to order your kennel.

Best Dog Kennel to Buy

Your kennel will be your dog's house, so you will want to make the best decision for your dog. The choice you make will be the best one for your dog and how you plan to use the kennel. Many people choose the complete kennel, giving your dog a cosy sleeping area, as well as an integral run. Our mesh modular kennels are popular with people who want to put their dogs somewhere out of the way for shorter periods. Our range of dog runs gives you the option to create your own kennelling system for your dogs, which can give you flexibility.


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Buy Your Dogs a Kennel from Our Shop Today

If you need a safe and secure space for your dogs, then buying a kennel is essential. Whether you want your dogs kennelled while you are at work, or want a place to put them for shorter periods, our shop has the ideal kennel for you. Our kennels are designed and made by our experienced team so that you can be confident that you're making the best choice for your dogs. If you are unsure of the best type of kennel for your dogs, then our friendly and helpful team are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have, simply call 01942 914457 today.

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