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Void Kennel Panels

Here  at Dog Kennels Direct, we have an extensive range of different panels, kennels, and runs so that you can design the perfect space for your dogs. When you design a kennel to suit you and your dogs, a void panel can be an extremely useful addition to your kennels. Using void panels in combination with other dog run panels gives you an adaptable dog kennel. These panels can be used to create separation between areas of your kennel, such as a sleeping area and an area for your dog to run around in. You can also add a sliding hatch to the void panel which gives you the option to separate your dogs if necessary. This can be extremely useful at feeding times, or if you need to put one dog by itself for a while.

Our panels are all designed to be used in combination so that you can create the best kennels for you and your dogs. All dogs are different and have differing needs, and our panels make it easy to create a suitable environment for your dogs. Whether you use your kennels every day, or just when you have visitors to your home, we can help you to create the ideal kennels for your needs. Our panels are easy to join together and to take apart. So, if your dogs' needs change, and you need to alter the layout of your kennels, then you can do this. Void panels fitted with sliding hatches give you immense versatility and make your kennels very adaptable.

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