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Wipe Clean Dog Cabins

Our wipe-clean dog cabins are a popular product in our range and are compatible with our dog runs. Many people choose to add a dog cabin to their dog run, to give their dogs a warm and cosy place to keep out of the weather. The wipe-clean version of our dog cabin is made with black phenolic coated timber with anti chew strips, which makes it long-lasting and easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Having a wipe-clean finish is extremely useful in many circumstances. For puppies or older or unwell dogs who may not be fully house-trained, a wipe-clean cabin will make cleaning up after them much easier. If you use your dog cabin after muddy walks for your long-haired dogs, then having a surface that is easy to clean is also important. If you have used your dog cabin for dogs that have been unwell, then being able to thoroughly disinfect the surface is vital for the health of your other dogs. There are many scenarios where having a dog cabin with a wipe-clean surface will be of great benefit, so it is worth considering this when you are choosing the best dog cabin for your dogs.

If you are looking for a wipe-clean dog cabin, as a stand-alone product, or to use alongside our kennels and runs, then take a look at our range. If you need any further advice on the best fit for you and your dogs, then contact our friendly and helpful team on 01942 914544

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