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180W Classic Infrared Heating Panel

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The 180W Classic Infrared Heating Panel is a brilliant way to heat your Dog Kennel and Run sleeping area. This classy heater is also very energy efficient . It’s on the small side, which means it’s perfect for hanging on the side of a kennel out the way. It measures just 595mm x 295mm, and it’s just 22mm deep, meaning it sits almost flush to the wall with supplied mounting kit 

Mounting kit is included with the heater

The panel is made from FIR Coating, which can reach temperatures of around 115˚C, but it can of course be installed out of reach. It’s IP54 rated, which means it can handle splashes of water comfortably, so it’s easy to clean with a damp cloth.

As an addition to this beautifull heater you can add a plug in remote thermostat to fully control the heat required. 

This panel will come with a clear film on its front that needs to be peeled off before first use. If you use the heater before peeling the film off, the film may discolour and melt onto the surface of the heater.

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