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Double Bolt-On Dog Bowl and Holder

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This bolt-on pet bowl will make an excellent addition to any pet owners kennel. Bowls that are left on the floor can cause issues, so securing them for your pet is a sensible option. Loose bowls can be pushed around, turned over, and played with. Having a bowl that is bolted on prevents food wastage, as some dogs will turn their bowls over and then not eat their food. Dogs can be defensive with food, and creating fixed feeding stations can help to keep dogs separate from one another during feeding time. Some dogs can benefit from having a raised bowl, especially if they are suffering from neck issues.

Our dog bowls are made of stainless steel and are easy to remove for feeding and cleaning. We offer single and double bolt on bowls, so you can use one for food and one for water. They slot into a galvanised steel frame ensuring that they are secure and sturdy. Each bowl comes with the bolt on holder and all the fittings and fixings needed to securely attach it to your kennel. They are easy to fit and move, so you change the height according to the needs of your dog, this can be especially useful if feeding a growing puppy! 

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