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Three Sided Mesh Dog Pens

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Discover the superior quality and value of our 3 sided outdoor dog mesh dog pens, which can are ideal for fixing to an outdoor wall or used inside a garage. Made from high-grade galvanised steel, our dog pens aren't just sturdy, but also resistant to rust. This ensures a safe and clean environment for your pet, maintaining its integrity for many years.

These dog pens are designed to be an easy affordable self-assembly system, that is supplied with all the required fixtures and fittings needed, which makes our pens a preferred choice for dog owners.

What sets this enclosure apart is its galvanised steel mesh panels, ensuring a secure environment for your pet. The careful design of the mesh accommodates all small, medium and large breeds of dogs.

Our pens are available in various sizes and come with the option of adding a roof. The roof, made from corrugated polycarbonate, provides excellent protection from the elements, making the pen an ideal daytime run for your pet. All roofed pens are supplied with all the required roofing sheets, timbers and brackets to create a strong and durable shelter for your dog.

Additional options for customisation include the ability to add sleeping benches and attachable bowls.

Please select your desired size and roof options from the dropdown menu when placing an order.


  • High-grade galvanised steel construction
  • No concrete base required
  • Capability to bolt together multiple units
  • Options to add sleeping benches and attachable bowls
  • Choice to purchase with or without a roof

As of today, your dog's comfort and safety are only an order away!

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