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Dog Kennel Prices UK: Buyers Guide to Costing Options

Dog Kennel Prices UK: Buyers Guide to Costing Options

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Dog kennels come in all shapes and sizes, with a range of different price tags attached. As with so many things in life, you do get what you pay for, and a kennel that seems extremely cheap may be poor value. You want to look for a dog kennel that has been well-built with high-quality materials, and good workmanship. Regard your dog kennel as an investment, not a cost, so that you choose a dog kennel that will last for many years to come. Dog kennel prices do vary depending on the type of kennel and the construction, so spend some time working out which dog kennel options will suit your dog and your requirements best.

Types of Dog Kennels

There are many types of kennels, as you will see from our dog kennel collection, and each one will have pros and cons. When you are considering the best dog kennels for your dogs, think about how you will use the dog kennel. Will you use it occasionally for short periods? Or do you want your dogs to spend each day in their dog kennel whilst you are at work? How big are your dogs, and how many do you have? Each of these answers will help to narrow down the best dog kennel for you. 

  • Indoor Dog Kennels – ideally suited to smaller dogs, where you want to put your dog away for a few hours. Often located in a utility room or large kitchen, this gives you a safe space to house your dogs, perhaps while you have visitors, or need an uninterrupted period of time.
  • Outdoor Dog Kennels – often chosen by people who wish their dogs to be safely contained whilst they are out of work. Outdoor dog kennels can include an integral run so that your dogs have space to sleep, as well as an area to stretch their legs.
  • Travel Dog Kennels – if you take your dog away with you, whether to shows, competitions, or on holiday, having a secure space for them can be invaluable. Dogs find security in the familiar, and will typically regard their dog kennel as their safe space, and enjoy spending time in it.
  • Custom Dog Kennels – if you have multiple dogs, or specific needs, designing your own custom-built dog kennel can be an excellent solution. This allows you to have the exact dog kennel you require, whether this is with multiple sleep rooms, so your dogs can have their own space, or with a larger run area to give your dogs more space to play, you can design the ideal dog kennel.
  • Dog Cabins – often used in conjunction with dog kennels, or as a standalone inside a building, such as a shed, a dog cabin can give your dog a cosy and comfy place to sleep.

Factors That Influence Prices

Various factors will influence dog kennel prices. If you are choosing a custom-built kennel, it will cost more, as it will be a bespoke build for you. Kennel size will obviously affect the price, due to the increased costs of the materials and time needed to build a larger dog kennel. Much of the cost of a dog kennel is from the materials used to construct it. Raw material prices can be high and can be driven up by global factors. Given this, it can be tempting to select a dog kennel with poorer quality materials, which may be a lower price, however, these will be unlikely to last as long, and you could end up spending more in the long run, with maintenance and replacement costs.

Average Dog Kennel Prices

Here at Dog Kennels Direct, we aim to keep our prices fair and affordable, whilst maintaining our high quality of workmanship, using top-quality materials that will last. In our dog kennel collection, we offer a good range of sizes and designs with clear pricing so that everyone can choose the best dog kennel for their needs. We also offer sections that can be bought individually. This allows you to construct your own dog kennel to your precise requirements, as well as expand and alter your existing dog kennel. The pricing on these are related to size and material and can be a good way to keep your costs down. When you select one of our dog kennels, you know you have the freedom to expand your pack, without your current kennel becoming obsolete.

Additional Costs to Consider

Our dog kennels come with full installation instructions and are designed to be easy to set up. Some people may want a hard base to put their kennel on or require help with assembly. This will be an extra cost on top of the price of the dog kennel, and you will need to factor this in when you are considering your budget. If you are buying a timber kennel, check whether the timber has been pre-treated. If the timber has not been treated, you will need to do so to ensure that it is weatherproof. Maintaining your kennel regularly will help to extend its life, and help keep your dogs safe and secure.

Tips for Buying

We know that choosing the best dog kennel for you, your dogs, and your pocket can be a challenge. So, here at Dog Kennels Direct, we have put together a blog to help you decide the best dog kennel from our dog kennel collection, click here to read more.

Choose the Best Dog Kennel for You and Your Dogs

If you are looking at dog kennels cost and trying to decide the best kennel for you, we can help. Our prices are transparent and fair. We want to help you get the best kennelling arrangement for your pets. Have a look at our dog kennel collection, we have an extensive range of options, with something to suit everyone. If you need any advice on the best solution for your pet, then our helpful and friendly team is always on hand. Simply call Dog Kennels Direct today on 01942 316 431 

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