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Modular Dog Kennel 8cm Bar 2m x 2m x 6ft - Without Roof

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Here we have a Dog Kennels Direct Galvanised Modular Dog Kennel Run/Pen. The size of this pen is 2 metres long by 2 metres deep by 1.84 metres tall (6ft) with a 8cm Gap Between the bars in each Galvanised Dog Kennel Panel/Galvanised Dog Kennel Run Section.

Kennel Dimensions
Run Area: 2.0 Metre Wide x 2 Metre Deep
Overall Height at Front:- 6ft 
Overall Height at Rear:- 6ft 
Please note:- All dimensions should be used as a guide only

This Item does not include our roofing system but can be added at a later date with ease or supplied as a added extra or why not go back and check out our other Galvanised Modular dog Kennel Runs/Pen systems with or without a roof. Dog Kennels Direct’s Modular Dog Kennel Runs/Pens are a great place to keep your dog safe and secure. Our pens are ideal for keeping your dog safe and secure whilst you go to work, when friends or family come to visit or as a permanent safe and secure home for your dog. Why not add a Dog Kennel Cabin to your Galvanised Modular Dog Kennel Run/Pen to give your pet the best home possible.

All Galvanised Dog Kennel Runs/Pens bought from Dog Kennels Direct come complete with all fixtures and fittings to build your Galvanised Modular Dog Run/Pen in no time at all and also come complete with floor brackets to secure your Galvanised Modular Dog Kennel Run/Pen to your base this will help prevent movement of your Galvanised Kennel panels and will also help against your Galvanised Dog Kennel Run/Pen from being stolen.

Dog Kennels Direct Galvanised Modular Dog Kennel Runs/Pens are made up from our Galvanised Dog Kennel Panels which are -

    • 25 x 25 mm Box Section Steel Frame

    • Hot dipped galvanised inside and out on every Galvanised Dog Kennel Panel

    • Stoppers to prevent Dog Kennel Panel doors opening out

    • 50 mm leg for easy cleaning of your Dog Kennel Runs/Pens

    • Solid steel bar, spot welded to every tube as a centre bar providing the Dog Kennel Panel with even more strength and support

    • Tubing is slotted into pre drilled holes and spot welded for extra stability

All our Galvanised Dog Panels meet all government regulations such as made from precision steel tubes in accordance with DIN 2394-2 standards. The steel grade is RST 37-2. Suited to medium / large breeds. The zinc coating is made from elements according to the European DIN 1461 standards (BS 1461) and is ISO-9002 certified.

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